With 20 years of experience in design and interactive work, I've had the opportunity to learn and grow into a multidisciplinary madman, a utility infielder if you will. That experience has lead me to work on projects that range from words to pictures to pixels and everything in between. It's also allowed me to gain knowledge across a range of industries, services, and products from B2C to B2B for banks, hospitals, architects, restaurants, CPG, public services , and non-profits. So if it's creative, and you need it done well, I can do it... because I've probably done it.

Brand and Identity Design

A brand isn't just a logo, although that's a great place to start. Your organization's visual identity is the system that ensures your audience and customers can find you easily in a world full of eye clutter. It should communicate who you are and what you do, be unique to you, and be consistently presented across all the media you use to reach out. With experience branding organizations, products, and services across a wide spectrum of industries, I can deliver everything you need to bring your brand to life.


Whether it's building a site from scratch or overhauling your social media approach or setting up e-commerce solutions, connecting online can be complicated. I've been building websites since before CSS was a thing, and that's been a while. Utilizing the latest CMS solutions, understanding e-commerce, and integrating social media, I can help you complete that connection to reach a wider audience on multiple platforms utilizing unique content approaches and solutions.

Copywriting and Naming

Need a name for a new product or some appealing copy to introduce a phenomenal new service? How about a broadcast commercial script or an ear-catching radio spot? Whether it's amazing alliteration, plainspoken communication, or industry jargon, my English Minor is at your disposal. I've named products for companies like P&G, Johnson and Johnson, Lowe's, and Boston Scientific. I've also delivered dashing dialogues for projects ranging from brand positioning statements to selling subs during drive time. If you need words strung well, drop me a line.

Advertising Campaigns

Online, OOH, Television, Radio, Print, Social. I can even put it on a shirt for you. Advertising comes in all shapes and sizes, and I've worked in all of them. Utilizing an approach that involves establishing audiences through demographic research and creating representative archetypes, we can work together to develop a program that reaches the right people. Sometimes your solution is singular, sometimes multi-channel, let me help you make sure it's always targeted correctly and executed well.


Character design, t-shirt art, storyboarding, sketches to quickly convey ideas - all within the power of the illustrator's hand. I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon, it's my first love artistically and I love helping people bring their ideas to life with pencils or pixels.

Brainstorming and Strategy

Positioning, strategy, and innovation are essential to bringing a brand to life or keeping an existing brand fresh and relevant. Since beginning my career I've had the privilege of being a part of amazing teams that have lead brainstorming and consulting sessions for some of the world's biggest brands. I've been able to develop that experience into a skillset of my own in leading innovation and positioning efforts for small and medium sized businesses. If you need help figuring out who you are and we're you're going, get in touch, we can build that vision together.