Identity for Northern Kentucky's largest healthcare provider. This logo was the cornerstone of a system that included branding, marketing, and wayfinding.
This regional restaurant chain needed an update, so I designed a logo that conveyed boldness and action to reach their target market.
A local veterans recovery center in Cincinnati, this update helped reinvigorate JH in their mission to reach the community and was used in all collateral and marketing.
NKY Tri-ED wanted an identity evolution. This updated look conveys the idea that the people, the region, and economic opportunities are vibrant and intertwined in NKY.
Drees Homebuilders launched a new line of family focused homes, and needed a log to convey the idea of life coming into focus.
One of the largest homeschool publishers in America, MFW tasked CB with creating an identity that brought them out of the garage but still remained faithful to their mission.
JC HInes wanted to convey the idea that they dealt with a range of strata when designing retaining walls, so CB gave them a log with depth.
SEED is homeschool co-op that wanted a logo that conveyed growth through faith, CB combined a literal representation with metaphorical elements to help them grow.
Design for a local homeschool group to put on shirts and stickers. They wanted something atypical to most homeschool designs, and CB delivered.
Logo for a local Cincinnati lawyer's legal book publishing company. Can you guess his favorite movie?
Logo for my t-shirt efforts. Because the truth is out there, and it's bionic.
Specializing in medical IT needs, Jericho needed a logo that sounded a Clarion call.
Fictional football team logo in honor of the beloved silverback. RIP Harambe.
If you've had it, you may not remember. Logo for a t-shirt design contest.
A local Little League team needed a cool logo, as my son was on said team, I gladly obliged.
Logo for a local karate instruction school run by a buddy who is also a 5th degree black belt and a pastor.
Promotional logo for NBA player Sean Kilpatrick's basketball camp.
Proposed rebrand for a local not-for-profit radio station based in Batavia, Ohio.
Sometimes a friend asks for a logo, and you say yes.