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2018 is bringing a fresh look and a new approach to business. I’m working in a virtual agency mode, utilizing web-based resources to partner with talented individuals in order to bring full agency services to new and existing clients.
What does that mean exactly?

For the past several years infrastructure and software improvements have made online collaboration a very viable option for not just social exchanges but doing business as well. Working remotely has become a way of life for many people, shifting from the necessity of having a central location. The issue is that many businesses that could be evolving into this type of model but are hesitant to do so, creative agencies being one of those.

I’ll admit, face-to-face collaboration can be a great thing, but the majority of creative execution happens in solitude and is shared via electronic files. Knowing that, agencies have an incredible opportunity to reduce their overhead by shrinking or doing away with office space and working virtually and meeting in public spaces or going to client locations for brainstorming. Meetings can happen via the web, ideas can be shared using a variety of collaboration tools.

So that’s the paradigm I’m shifting into. By partnering with some of the best in the business around the city and region, creating an alliance of amazing talent, I can offer a full range of services to clients from creative to video production to research to interactive to media buying and everything in between. By doing that without the overhead of a high rent office space, I can do it all for about half the price. It also allows me to bring the best resources to bear for each project. You’re not paying the overhead an agency brings – staff, rent, submitting work for awards, cleaning, that super fancy Keurig, the Ping Pong table.

YOU PAY FOR THE WORK YOU RECEIVE. It’s that simple. The best resources, the best work, direct pay to the creators, more affordable pricing structure.

It’s different, yes. We won’t have office Christmas parties because we won’t have an office. But for clients who need the best work at the best price point, and creators who want to focus on creating and not on paying for downtown office space in the hippest gentrified neighborhood, it’s an ideal model. New year, new approach. Get in touch to see how we can work together.

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Why Awesome Wonder? Fri, 16 Jun 2017 19:58:03 +0000 So I feel like a little explanation may be in order. Why the name change to Awesome Wonder Studio? First, I’d been contemplating changing the name of my business for a while. Cowdreybunga was fun, but it was hard for people to spell and pronounce, and all the cool kids nowadays don’t get the cowabunga reference. The Ninja Turtles aren’t as popular as they used to be. I’ve also been thinking about venturing into other areas with the creative work I do. Shifting from being so service oriented to working on producing projects and products that I’ve had in my head for a long time. I wanted to start being a creator, not just an interpreter.

All that said, it just really felt like the time was right to change things up a bit. I wanted a name that was still fun and still went well with the ThunderPencil logo. I explored all kinds of names. I’ve helped name hundreds of products and services over the years, and it’s never easy. But when it comes to your own personal company, it’s really, really tough. The name had to evoke a sense of marvel (that name is¬†taken) and creativity but I also wanted it to speak to the overwhelming joy I get from the creative process. And then there was the idea of excitement and getting hit with those inspired ideas from out of nowhere.

So I looked at things like Thunderbolt (taken), Wonderbolt (taken by a My Little Pony character?!), and some even weirder options. I got into that same overcomplicated, hard-to-spell, hard-to-say trap you always do when naming things. I knew this one needed to be pretty transparent and easy to say and spell. It was getting challenging.

Then it hit me. For some reason I found myself humming the song “How Great Thou Art” one day. I’ve been a Christian pretty much my whole life, not always a good one but that’s another post, but I’ve known this song since I was a wee bairn. One of the lines ran through my head, “when I in awesome wonder, consider all the works (worlds) Thy hands have made.” And that was it. In Awesome Wonder. That’s the message in the name.

Over the years I’ve become quite the sarcastic, snarky cynic. And it’s affected my creativity. So I needed a shift in my attitude, my mental state, my faith. I want to view the world and all of creation with awesome wonder. To be fascinated by the miraculous things, to have childlike approach to imagination. To tap back into that kid who could spend days at a time dreaming up new ideas and stories. And lastly to pay homage to the ultimate Creator in a subtle not overly preachy way.

That’s why the name change. It’s a little bit practicality and a little bit epiphany and hopefully a new approach to creativity. Be on the lookout for some new stuff – ¬†sketches, blog posts, ideas. I’m still doing the freelance work, but I’ll be devoting more time to making things and putting together original work. Hope you enjoy it as much as I’m going to.

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