My name is Jason Cowdrey. I’m the Chief Wonderer here at Awesome Wonder Studio.

A Little History

I’ve been in the creative field for almost 20 years. In that time I’ve done work in branding, interactive, television, radio, print, illustration, and even packaging. I also do a fair amount of copywriting and nomenclature development. This work has been for everything from global corporations to single owner businesses, the giants to the mom and pop. It’s allowed me to gain a wide range of experience and knowledge and meet some extremely interesting and talented people.


What’s Awesome Wonder?

Awesome Wonder Studio has a twofold purpose. First, it serves as a portfolio for anyone looking for design/branding/copywriting/illustration/voiceover services. Second, it allows me to highlight some of my favorite work and new projects/products I’m working on.


So Who Are You?

I’m a husband and a father of seven living in Ohio. I have deeply held beliefs about a lot of things and I’ll gladly share them if you’re interested, sometimes you can read about them in my blog. Mostly i just like to create things – characters, stories, ideas, sets, games, books. That’s my gift and it’s what makes me tick.

Here’s a Top 10 factoid list about me if you need it:

  1. Love God and my family passionately and without apology
  2. My wife is awesome
  3. My kids inspire me
  4. HUGE comic book geek
  5. Love all different types of music – Van Halen is my favorite band (DLR and Sammy, I don’t choose)
  6. Love movies – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Because I know you were wondering)
  7. Gorillas and Rhinos
  8. Professional Wrestling
  9. Really hope that both Sasquatches and Yetis are real
  10. Big fan of board and card games