Awesome Wonder Creative Studio

You've found the online home of me, Jason Cowdrey. I'm a creative - designer, artist, wordsmith, styrofoam sculptor, placemat illustrator and general geek. This site highlights a lot of my work, both personal and professional. The goal is to create by inspiration, collaboration, perspiration, and dedication. Whether you're looking for branding for your small business, an extra set of hands for your big project, illustration work, a service or product name, copywriting, video direction or even some voiceover work, I've got you covered.


Awesome Wonder Creative Studio exists to help businesses and organizations to grow, reach audiences, increase sales, and all the normal business objectives with honesty, integrity, and excellent service. Beyond that, AW is also part of the Seven Wonders™ initiative. This coalition of organizations was formed to raise awareness and funds to help the children of addiction through Wonder Home™. 10% percent of profits made by AW go directly to Wonder Home.

Wonder Home is an newly formed organization focused on providing adoption, reconciliation, counseling, and private custody arrangements for the children of addicted parents. As the opioid crisis grows, more and more children are falling through the cracks or are being lost in an overwhelmed system. WH aims to rescue and redeem those kids by helping place them either temporarily or permanently with loving families, and to help those families with the resources they will need to care for the issues brought on by addiction.

Eventually, there will be seven partner organizations all working hand-in-hand to further this cause. For now, AW and Wonder Supply Company are leading the way in building the brand and furthering the cause. We appreciate your support and the opportunity to work with you to build your brand too.

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